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Mar 25, 2022
Release v1.2.8

Say Hello (to my little friend!)

In this release, we've been focusing on a lot of performance tweaks to make your experience even better. But we also added some nice new features. One we want to call out in this release is our new Say Hello tab under Community. So don't be shy, introduce yourself to the community :-). 👋

Fixes and improvements

  • Publish your project on DeSo (more on this soon)
  • Completed switch over to Firebase.
  • New and improved Create Project screen with added categories
  • Performance fixes
Feb 25, 2022
Release v1.2.7

Commenting with added bells!

Good news crew!! We've now added threaded replies to comments on projects. You can now like, edit, delete and reply to any comment. We know this was long overdue but its finally here!! Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on this feature in the beta release <3

Fixes and improvements

  • Messaging improvements (BETA)
  • Notifications fixes
  • Add similar posts to posts screen
  • Performance fixes
Jan 28, 2022
Release v1.2.6

Heads up DeSo fans!

As we progress towards our vision for thefullstack as a fully decentralized and verticalized network for Developers, this month was the exciting start of our integration to the DeSo blockchain. What’s DeSo ? DeSo is a decentralized social network built on the blockchain. The worlds first layer-1 blockchain custom-built to scale decentralized social applications to billions of users. Read more at We have revamped our Sign In screen with an option to ‘Sign In with DeSo’. So alongside signing in with Google, GitHub, LinkedIn and email we now support Deso accounts. But that’s just the start. We’re progressing rapidly to bring developer portfolios onto the blockchain. Followed by crypto rewards for creators.

Fixes and improvements

  • New and improved Chat engine
  • Sign up improvements
  • Post and comment editor improvements
  • Performance fixes
Dec 24, 2021
Release v1.2.5

And a Happy Christmas to all!!!!

If you are reading this page, the dev team and everyone at thefullstack wishes you the very best Christmas! We have a lot to do next year as we go further into the Web3.0 sphere...we can`t wait. So from the dev team, Merry Christmas!!

Fixes and improvements

  • Drank some fine wine
  • Deployed 4 boxes of mince pies
  • Improved cream on top of Irish Coffees
  • Begged Santa to make the Covid spread stop
Dec 17, 2021
Release v1.2.4


We are over the moon to release our v1 Developer Wallet & Coin, with this release, each Developer on the platform will have their own DevCoin. Dev coins can be obtained by posting content and engaging with other developers.

Fixes and improvements

  • Launch of Dev Coin and Dev Wallet infrastructure
  • New DB Infrastructure deployed to improve read/write performance
  • Peformance improvements on FE to Profile page and Project Pages
  • Security Update (HOTFIX)
Dec 17, 2021
Release v1.2.3

Extra Extra....Profiles and Projects in the wild!!!

You asked, we of the top bits of feedback we get is opening up our site so Engineers can show off their projects and profiles posted on the network. So with 2.0RC you can now view projects and profiles without needing to be logged in....i.e. you can share it with your friends and Social channels.

Fixes and improvements

  • Upgrade to NextJS 12
  • Fix for Adding Github Account to profile
  • Mobile view fixes
  • Markdown Editor fixes
Dec 3, 2021
Release v1.2.2

This one's all about performance

We've been building features non stop for the last few months, this release, we've focused mostly on site performance and API performance.

Fixes and improvements

  • Elastic Search Performance fixes
  • Cloud Storage upgrades
  • Auth Provier upgrade
  • DB benchmark completed
  • Service Worker audit
Nov 19, 2021
Release v1.2.1

AMA (Ask me anything)

As this community builds, we've received feedback that engineers are using the chat to ask other's questions. So with this version, we've added the ability for you to "Ask you Community". Not only that but we've added a few other options so you can now post to ask for help, show off a startup or just have a good old vent ;-)

Fixes and improvements

  • New Support for Posting Questions, Rants, Memes and Vents.
  • UI/UX imporvements.
Oct 29, 2021
Release v1.2.0

Get the most out of thefullstack

With this release, we're making it even easier for you to get the most out of thefullstack. We've added the ability for you to tell us why you're signing up, so we can match the right engineers, projects and companies to you.

Fixes and improvements

  • Dark Mode UI Fixes.
  • Search Bug fixes.
  • Search Service now returning projects based on User Attributes.
  • Backend now returning dedicated feed to projects which are looking for collaborations.
  • Engineer Chat improvements.
  • Notification improvements.
Oct 15, 2021
Release v1.1.9

Connections just got better

In this release, we've overhauled our Connections' functionality to allow you to specify how you know someone before connecting. Developers who you have worked, coded, shed blood with before build up your trusted network increasing your worth.

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved messaging across site.
  • Search case sensitivity issue resolved.
  • UI improvements.
Oct 01, 2021
Release v1.9.8

Connecting the engineering world

With this release, we're pumped to announce we've added Chat Messaging. We want you to be able to chat with developers who share similar interests and with those who can help you grow and learn.

Fixes and improvements

  • New Infrastructure deployed to enable chat messaging.
  • New Notification system deployed for Chat notifications.
  • Improvements to connections to reduce spam.
  • Profile Service feature delivered to support video profiles.
  • Bug fix on Profile Service resolving character issue for displayNames.
Sep 17, 2021
Release v1.9.7

Who are you?

Challenging the status quo for "Developer profile", record a video introduction of yourself for your profile. After much feedback from the community, we believe this will help Developers standout and promote themselves.

Fixes and improvements

  • Profile Service feature delivered to support video profiles.
  • Refactor of create user endpoints and underlying infrastructure.
  • Resolved MongoDB alert issues.
  • Profile Service modifications to allow a user to save a Published Job.
Sep 03, 2021
Release v1.9.6

Come join the darkside

We're delighted to finally bring some darkness to the site with a dark mode theme. In order to enable it, all you need to do is click your avatar at the top right and click "Dark Mode".

Fixes and improvements

  • Added "Are you looking for work" Feature, so you can tell us when you're in the mood to look at new opportunities
  • Added KYC question functionality to User Profiles - This lets gather some basic information, so we know what type of jobs is the right fit for.
  • Added functionality for us to find and connect you to engineers you've worked with in the past.
  • Improved Authentication functionality.
Aug 20, 2021
Release v1.9.5

Fits like a glove

We believe work should feel like play and with that we're announcing a new Find work section on the platform...with a twist. In order to give you a unique view behind the scenes of a company and a feel for the team, all job opportunities posted are in video form, so you get to virtually meet the team you'll be working with. Video jobs will give you a real sense of what you're going to be working on, what are the challenges for the company hiring and much more.

Fixes and improvements

  • Implemented API's and deployed infrastructure to support video job listings.
  • Implemented the UI to view and save job posts.
  • Implemented UI components to apply for jobs.
  • Improved Connections performance.
Aug 06, 2021
Release v1.9.4

Extra, Extra, read all about it

We've now added a shortcut to see who's new on the platform for you to check out and engage with.

Fixes and improvements

  • Security improvements.
  • Search fixes.
  • Profile performance updates.
  • General bug fixes.
Jul 23, 2021
Release v1.9.3

Find the inspiration

We've made it even easier to find projects that are interesting to you with the launching of Project Search. Up until now, you could only search for other Engineers but now you can search for Projects by name, language and category.

Fixes and improvements

  • UI Features for Searching Projects.
  • Search API's for returning projects based on name, language and categories
Jul 09, 2021
Release v1.9.2

Searching for treasure

We want you to find engineers that interest you, that's why we've released a User search feature. With this release, you'll now be able to search for engineers by what they do (i.e. React Developer), their name and what languages they use.

Fixes and improvements

  • UI Features for Searching Profiles.
  • Search API's for returning profiles based on name, languages and roles.
Jun 25, 2021
Release v1.9.1

Pack up, we're moving house

Up until this point, our primary infrastructure was running inside Digital Ocean but now we've moved to our new home Google Cloud Platform.

Fixes and improvements

  • Migrated to the latest versions of JVM and NPM.
  • Deployed new networking infrastructure.
  • Completed GCP setup and alerts.
Jun 11, 2021
Release v1.9.0

Watch and Connect

We've been working hard this week to allow you to connect with Engineers you know or find inspiring. With this release, you'll now be able to make that connection. Not only that, but you'll also get notifed when any of your connections or people you watch post content!

Fixes and improvements

  • Deployed UI components for Connections.
  • Deployed Backend solutions for connections.
  • Deployed DB schemas.
Jul 23, 2021
Release v1.7.0

Can anyone see me?

We've added the ability for you to see some insights into your profile. From this release, we've added some basic analytics so you can see the number of People you've viewed your profile, the number of likes across all your projects / posts and the number of connections you have made.

Fixes and improvements

  • Implemented backend solution for v1 of Profile Analytics.
  • Implemented UI feature showing Profile Analytics.
Jul 16, 2021
Release v1.6.9

New Services

New Services When posting projects on the platform many users wanted to be able to add new techs tacks to their projects. So in this release we've made it easier for you to tag your projects or posts by searching or creating a tech stack / language.

Fixes and improvements

  • Implemented Search for Tech Stacks / Languages.
  • Improved UX for creating projects.
  • User Signup bug fix.
Jul 09, 2021
Release v1.6.8

Someone call Security!!

Security is always our upmost concern with any feature. That's why with this release, we've made several security updates. Most notable, we've switched from our homegrown Authentication services over to the world's leading Auth SaaS.

Fixes and improvements

  • Major API version security Updates.
  • Auth DB migration to new Auth SaaS platform.
  • Front end Integration with Auth Service.
  • JWT implementation across all sites and services.
Jul 02, 2021
Release v1.6.7

You get a feed, they get a feed...everyone gets a feed

With this release, we deployed the foundations for a users ForYou feed. This feature shows off the latest and trending posts to the platform. Over future releases this will become a curated feed for each individual user.

Fixes and improvements

  • Deployed FrontEnd page for ForYou feed.
  • Deployed new endpoints to support returning newest and most popular posts to the platform.
  • Backend feature to allow for voting on posts.
  • Basic Search Service skeleton delivered.
Jun 25, 2021
Release v1.6.6

It's what you can do, not how long you've been doing it

We believe and know, it's about what you can do, not where you work(ed) or how long you have been doing something that counts. One of the pillars of thefullstack is showcasing what you can do, regardless of if you are a 20-year vet, a junior or still in college. This week, we've launched the ability for you to post your projects, your side hustles, you blog posts and for them to be seen by a community of people like you...Engineers.

Fixes and improvements

  • Implemented Backend solution for creating projects and posts.
  • Implemented UI features to create projects and posts.
  • Implemented ability to tag a project or post with a given tech stack and category.
Jun 18, 2021
Release v1.6.5

Continuing on from the last release, we have moved to the next milestone of developing a users Profile. This will lay the foundation for allowing a user to showcase their work, skills and build a unique portfolio.

Fixes and improvements

  • User Profile Service improvements.
  • MongoDB cloud deployment for profiles.
  • Allowing users to add Technical Skills to their profiles including the number of years they have been working with said skill.
  • Security configs for Backend services.
Jun 11, 2021
Release v1.6.4

The Foundations

We are proud to announce that for this release we`ve cemented some solid foundational work for the platform. With this release comes the ability to create accounts via Social and username / password.

Fixes and improvements

  • First Drop of Home page and Landing pages.
  • Authentication Service deployed.
  • User Profile Service deployed.
  • Ability to create an account with a Facebook and Google.
  • Login Pages supporting Email and Social Network login.
Jun 04, 2021
Release v1.0RC1

And so it begins

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. After months of research thefullstack is deployed.

Fixes and improvements

  • Initial template Release of Front End.
  • Initial Release of supporting Backend service.