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Team Profiles.

The Full Stack helps your engineering team share its unique culture with developers looking for more than just a job.

Why should you have a team profile?


Lots of developers are contacted about new opportunities all the time, but they lack context about who they will be working with, the dev tools, the dev process, or whether they are aligned with a teams mission.


Developers come to The Full Stack to share their work, grow their network and connect with like-minded developers and engineering teams that share similar interests, tech stacks and shared values.


Tech hiring is becoming more social and informal. Having a team profile that articulates your mission and culture within a fast growing dev network keeps potential developers more informed about your team.

Showcase your engineering team

Don't let your team and opportunities get overlooked

Your mission

Tell your team story and mission. This is a developer platform, so talk as technical as you want. The more in-depth, the better. You can talk about your team that can't be replicated on other horizontal network.

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Amplify your team profile by introducing your amazing team. Show potential developers who they would be working with day to day. Give a look behind the scenes of what it's like to work on your team.

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Dev Tools · Dev process

Our team profile format makes it easy to answer the questions developers want to know about your team or company and how your dev processes work.

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Free to use

Team profiles are free to create and share. Keep your company tech brand always-on. Having a Team profile will make initial conversations with developers more meaningful and efficient.

Post Open roles

Looking for quality developers for your team? When you have a Team profile you have the additional option of posting paid job listings, with a pricing model that is fair.

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"We love what you guys stand for, we love what The Full Stack stands for and we are very excited to be part of the journey!"
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