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Dec, 2021

For Tailwind CSS lovers - Inspect Flow

For Tailwind CSS lovers - Inspect Flow
For any Tailwind CSS lovers out there, came across this very useful tool called Inspect Flow . A browser extension that lets you inspect any of your favoured / bookmarked sites that are built in Tailwind. Have found using DevTools to inspect elements and utility classes is a pain and dam slow especially when editing in the browser. Plus, (well for me anyway) when building a site in Tailwind, you can easily end up defining too many uti
Tailwind CSSCSS
Nov, 2021

Universal React design systems for native & web

Universal React design systems for native & web
Came across this today Tamagui Universal React design systems that optimize for native & web. Had a very brief play around with this. On first glance, the optimizations are nuts. Loving the performance. Coming from an old skool CSS background to then learning more programatic utility styling with the likes of Tailwind & Chakra, I'd like to venture more into Tamagui to see what it can do. Recommend frontend developers to check it out, they look to be in alpha stage so earlyish days. [http
ReactCSSDesign System
Jan, 2022

A bit about me 🤔

What I do for fun

I'm a music fanatic, love my metal and play a lot of guitar in multiple bands.

Tech I like...

Loving NextJS, React, Tailwind and React Native.

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React Native
May, 2021

Saying hello! 👋

Loving of all things frontend development. Avid fan of Nextjs, Vercel, Tailwind, ChakraUI, React. Passionate about clean design and simplicity.

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