James Baloyi

Front-End Engineer


Aug, 2021

Minimalist News App for Android

Minimalist News App for Android
Swipe is a privacyfirst, useroriented minimalist news app designed to help you spend less time leafing through articles. The goal is to bring the total amount of time you spend reading the news on your phone to a maximum of 5 minutes per day. Features like Listen Mode help us achieve that, enabling users to listen to their top headlines and summaries while they focus on something else. Focus Mode opens YouTube videos in a separate window, eliminating distractions like ads, comments and other
React NativeNodeJS
Aug, 2021

Saying hello! 👋

I'm an avid fan of minimalist design. Pro-privacy, pro-right-to-repair and I love to code!

James Baloyi is building their identity on thefullstack.