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Apr, 2022

Happy Friday y’all!

Just gonna slide on into your feed here and post about some features we’ve dropped this week: After a good bit of feedback from the community, we’ve added preview cards to each post on the feed that contains a link. Now you can watch that YouTube video in the feed (and not link out) or see other link previews. When creating a project to share in the Developer Showcase, you can now import your project from GitHub. We’ll be making improvements to this flow, but this helps speed up the creatio
Aug, 2021

A bit about me 🤔

What I do for fun

Living in Portugal the main thing I do for fun now is eat and drink on the beach😀 It's a tough life! Outside of that, I enjoy growing Chili plants, getting some Xbox time in and KettleBell sport.......

Tech I like...

I'm REALLY big into Voice and believe it will be one of the next big waves in tech along with Video content. I'm pretty much a backend Java guy, so the main tech I enjoy both professionally and personally would be: Java / Spring Elastic Search Bash scripting Anything Nix based Code optimisation New to this list is Crypto

Currently learning...

I've put off learning NodeJS for the last year at least, so I'll be focusing in on that as I do see some of the benefits of the language. I can't see it take me away from my baby (Spring) I'll also give GO a try, I started out learning to code with C so I'm kind of excited to give it a go....pardon the pun.
May, 2021

Saying hello! 👋

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