Kebouchi Abdenour

Software Engineer, React Native developer, UI/UX Designer.


  • JavaScript
  • React Native
  • CSS
Jul, 2021

Shop App (my first react native project)

Shop App (my first react native project)
This project is a mobile ecommerce app built for Android where users can purchase and sell products. The app has some smooth and fluid animations that provide a nice user experience. Built with React Native, Reanimated v2, and Firebase. Link to github repo: . Feel free to support the project if you like it
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Jul, 2021

Saying hello! 👋

Problem solving is my obsession, I seek perfection, I don't accept less than that, and would do anything to make it happen, including spending hours of digging in documentaions and articles. I aim to expand my knowledge daily to build perfect stuff!

Kebouchi Abdenour is building their identity on thefullstack.