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May, 2022

I have here a question maybe s

I have here a question maybe someone here can help me with (vague brain rumblings are leading me in one possible direction): Given Executable code And
Feb, 2022

Most valuable team

I've been collecting common attributes of valuable teams for quite some time now. (Now, fwiw, this stuff matters to me, but might bore your socks off, treat with salt). Well, they probably work in one week iterations. They might not have an easily identifiable lead (officially or otherwise). They don't proxy communication with customers or stakeholders through someone like a PO (So Scrum is out on the second two there). They do (typically, but not always) basically go into something approa
Nov, 2021

High level intro to shift left with Lambdatest

So I got roped into talking about something, which for anybody who knows me, can start eating up your time :)
Shift left
Sep, 2021

A bit about me 🤔

What I do for fun

I almost always have a project. DIY and beer making at the moment. I basically don't get to write code in work any more so sometimes I have to kick off a personal project and write something. I train in kickboxing mostly to keep fit but also for fun (and so my kids don't kick the ... out of me)..

Tech I like...

Oh blockchain. I'm a hopeless fan. Operating systems. Processors.

Currently learning...

Not specific ones at this precise point. I'm studying software architecture (kinda for fun), but I mostly study teams and team behaviors these days.
Sep, 2021

Saying hello! 👋

When you work in software engineering, you're surrounded by some of the smartest people on earth. They deserve the best management possible, so I study teams, processes, and engineering management obsessively, and continuously.

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